Sunday, December 14, 2008

Diet to Choose Sex of Baby

Thinking of choosing sex of baby? You no longer have to wish you had a boy or pray you had a girl. Of course, above all, everyone wants a healthy baby. Parents are also entitled to a gender preference. Some couples with three boys, are planning their fourth and final child, and are really hoping for a little girl. Other couples have one girl, only plan on having two children, and would love to have a boy too. Gender selection is a personal, private, family decision that couples make every day.The Boy and Girl Diets have been designed for those parents that have a desire to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl.

Diet to Choose Sex of Baby

The Boy and Girl Diet plans at, are geared to help in choosing sex of baby and are centered on helping either the X or the Y chromosome to live and fertilize the egg. The female uterus is acidic in nature and scientific researches have found out that the X chromosome thrives in an acidic environment while an alkaline environment helps the Y chromosome to develop. But this does not mean that both chromosomes can still exist in either environment. Acid can cancel out the growth of the Y chromosome and the same happens in an alkaline environment where the X chromosome has to manage living in.

The Boy and Girl Gender Diets are deemed important, in gender selection, because the change it makes, inside the woman’s uterus, during the fertilization process is dependent on the food she eats. Each of the food she takes in has some substantial amount of nutrients which can either benefit or damage gender plans. The Boy and Girl Gender Diets have been created to help change the uterine environment to encourage fertilization of the appropriate chromosome necessary for either a boy or a girl.

Other Methods for Gender Selection

While diet has been widely accepted as a means of choosing sex of baby, there are also other clinical methods used for gender selection. One of them is IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. This process is facilitated through the use of fertility drugs which provide ovarian stimulation to produce more eggs for increased chances of fertilization. There’s also the process known as IUI or Intrauterine Insemination wherein the doctor directly inserts the sperm onto the egg to facilitate the fertilization process. This way, the sperm can already be pre-identified as containing either the X or Y chromosome. This is often paired with the dye technique wherein the X chromosome-bearing sperms are separated from the Y-bearing ones.

However, the downside with these other methods is that the procedure is not available or legal in all countries, the procedure may have to be repeated several times, process can be time consuming, very expensive and sometimes disappointing. Also, some couples are seeking a more natural approach, in lieu of artificial reproduction. has all the needed information in choosing sex of baby. It also helps prepare and guide you in following the correct plan and procedure to getting the desired gender for your upcoming baby, naturally, through diet.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Fun: Thanksgiving Turkey Gourd Craft

At the first Thanksgiving, turkey was actually a side dish, taking second billing to venison. But set this pretty bird center table and it's guaranteed to steal the show.


Round toothpicks
Red chili pepper
Orange rind
Corn husks or tamale wrappers
Tempera paints
Pair of red gloves

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. To create the turkey's face, push a few toothpicks halfway into one side of the gourd, then attach it to the pumpkin by pushing the protruding toothpick ends through the pumpkin shell. Use the same method to attach the chili-pepper wattle.

2. For eyes, use two orange-rind circles. Push a clove through the center of each one and into the gourd.

3. Next, tint the corn husk feathers by dipping them into diluted tempera paints (2 parts water to 1 part paint) and attach them to the pumpkin with toothpicks.

4. Set the completed pumpkin atop the red gloves so that the fingers resemble turkey feet.

Thanks, for this holiday craft!

Monday, November 3, 2008

How to Conceive a Planned Baby Boy

Scientific studies have continuously proven that diet, prior to conception, can influence the baby's gender. Many parents wonder, how can I conceive a baby boy through diet? There are important things that must be considered first and these facts are certainly worth the effort.

How to Conceive a Boy Baby – The Scientific Background

The first thing you need to know is how is gender determined? To do this you must begin with the root of the baby's development: the fertilization process. The union of the father's sperm and the mother's egg is what starts off that option to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl. At the heart of it all are the interplay of chromosomes X and Y. The female's egg is generally composed of the X chromosomes, while it is the male sperm that can either have the Y chromosome or the X chromosome in it. But the sad thing is that the Y chromosome, though faster in speed, is ironically weaker in resisting challenging environments than the X chromosome.

Y chromosomes can get immediately washed off in the vaginal area of the mother or if they luckily make it to the mother's egg, the acidity levels of the womb can completely destroy them. So even if they have already reached the egg and embedded themselves into it, their development may be halted by acidic levels and once they are destroyed, the X chromosomes found on the egg's make up will takeover and therefore conceive a baby girl.

The Next Steps on How to Conceive a Boy

Because the development of the Y chromosome is usually set off on more sensitive grounds due to acid levels, it is important that a soon to be expecting mom change her pH level and control it to set favorable conditions for a baby boy. The Boy Diet includes foods rich in alkaline because this helps tone down acid levels and notably alkaline also provides a favorable environment to let the Y chromosome develop.

With the pH level in place, you will now have to begin sorting your food groups. The challenge of how to conceive a boy actually depends with you eating all the foods, outlined in the Boy Diet plan, especially during the first three months before conception. This is also the reason why those who wanted to plan the sex of their child must do so beforehand and not during the pregnancy itself. Once you begin with the Boy Diet, you will be consuming more potassium and calcium-rich foods and will take mineral rich supplements to increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Gender Selection – How to Have a Baby Girl with the Right Diet

While most parents would simply accept the fact that there isn't really anything much they could do to control the outcome of their baby's gender, there are parents out there who would do almost everything just to influence the gender of their new baby.

It may be a common agenda for a larger percentage of fathers to look forward to raising a baby boy and then see him grow up to be just like his dad. However, on the contrary many mothers are so eager to find out that what they have inside them is a cute and tiny baby girl.

Well, here's the good news to every parent who wanted so badly to conceive a baby girl, you could influence your baby's gender and you can do it in some very natural ways.
Out of all the methods being presented elsewhere regarding baby gender selection, controlling baby gender by means of adjusting your diet is one to the most healthy and natural methods to do so.

Studies show that a high-fat diet produces certain hormonal changes in the feminine reproductive system. This strongly suggests that what you eat would greatly influence your baby's gender.

So, if you have that strong desire for a baby girl, your suggested diet would be rich in calcium and magnesium. Specific examples of food rich in calcium and magnesium are dairy products, eggs, ice cream, cereals, rice, pasta, fresh fruits - particularly grapefruit, apples, and carrots. Remember, you must stay away from salty foods, instead keep a low salt or salt free diet.

It is important to understand that for this method to be successful, parents would agree to get well involved in it and follow the program as advised religiously. You need to follow this diet for three months prior to conceiving. However, since changes in ones body are involved with this method, it is advisable to consult an expert at this program.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Are Germs Good For Your Kids?

Would you let your child play in the dirt, chew on a toy used by another child, or eat food that fell on the floor?

In today's sanitized climate - where things like antibacterial soaps, lotions, portable gels, and handwipes fly off the drugstore shelves - we're more aware of germs today than ever before. After all, germs are responsible for things like colds, the flu, and other common infections. But might some exposure to germs actually be good for your kids?

According to one theory that's spreading like bacteria, the answer is yes.Called the "hygiene hypothesis," the theory suggests that the growing rate of asthma and allergies in younger populations is the result of being too clean. That's right - too clean. According to the theory, the presence of some germs allows babies' and children's immune systems to develop properly.

Without enough exposure to germs, the immune system becomes overly sensitive to the irritants that can cause asthma and allergies.As well, the overuse of antibacterial products - from the soaps and gels you can buy off the shelf to antibiotics for throat infections and other ailments - can result in stronger germs that are resistant to the effects of antibiotics. These germs, sometimes referred to as "superbugs," evolve to withstand the effects of antibiotics, and can even become strong enough to resist the effects of stronger antibiotics.

While the verdict is still out on the hygiene hypothesis, there are things you can do to limit your child's exposure to germs while still allowing their immune system to develop - and they don't involve letting your kid eat dirt.

Talk to your doctor: Some children, such as those with a compromised immune system, may be more at risk for infections than others and may require additional precautions.

Teach your children proper hand-washing techniques: You don't need antibacterial products to kill most of the germs on your hands - regular soap and water, and good technique can do the trick. Teach your children to always use warm soapy water, lather up well, and wash thoroughly (including between fingers and the backs of their hands) for 10 to 15 seconds.

Understand when and how to use antibiotics: Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections, such as strep throat, not viruses, such as colds or the flu. While you may not feel your trip to the doctor's office was worth your time if you don't come away with a prescription for an antibiotic, you may not need one. Talk to your child's doctor about what kind of infection they have, and if your child is prescribed antibiotics, make sure your child takes them for the full course - not just until your child starts to feel better.

Written and reviewed by the MediResource Clinical Team

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lullabye Lyrics

Kiddles has a collection of cool kiddie songs. They also offer free printables, downloadable songs and more! I was especially impressed with the lullaby collections, more than 150 lullaby songs: lyrics and music to listen to, for soothing songs, to sing to children before they go to sleep.

One of our favorites:

This Little Girl of Mine
(This Little Boy of Mine)

A tiny turned up nose.
Two cheeks just like a rose.
She's (He's) something Heaven has sent.
This little girl (/span) of mine.

No one will ever know,
Just what her (his) coming has been.
She’s (He's) all the world to me.
She (He) climbs upon my knee.

She’s (He's) something Heaven has sent,
This little girl (boy) of mine.

MySpace Baby

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog Alert: I know a mom...

We were featured on the very popular, "I know a mom..." blog. Thanks for the article!

Google Blogs Alert for: boy girl gender diet
Moms on Monday :: Nancy Kunkel of the Boy Girl Gender Diet

By: i know a mom
Have you heard about this? The Boy Girl Diet? Read about it here and let me know what you think. Here is more from Nancy Kunkel - the mompreneur behind the Boy Girl Diet... Click here for an interview with Nancy Kunkel.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Emily and Jacob

Emily has been the most popular girl name now for more than ten years. Jacob is the most popular name, for a boy, since 1999. Recently, the Social Security released its top 1000 names for 2007.

Top 10 for '07

Boy... Girl

1 Jacob... Emily
2 Michael... Isabella
3 Ethan... Emma
4 Joshua... Ava
5 Daniel... Madison
6 Christopher... Sophia
7 Anthony... Olivia
8 William... Abigail
9 Matthew... Hannah
10 Andrew... Elizabeth

Friday, August 1, 2008

To Find Out...Or Not?

For some, finding out the gender of the baby before it is born, is a must. Other couples like to be surprised. A group of Mom's have been asked, "How did you make the decision to find out the gender of your baby ahead of time or to be surprised?" and here's what they had to say:

I'm an organizational freak so the question to find out was a no brainer on all 3 kids. I had to be very well prepared...basically I don't like surprises. So, all three times, our babies were happy to show off what they were at ultrasound time! Mom Expert Dana

This is one of the things I let my husband decide. I was experiencing everything, I thought it would be an awesome way to get him involved. He decided to find out ahead of time. We loved calling each baby by their name while they were still in the womb. Mom Expert Susan

There was never a question about finding out the sex for any of our kids. The first time, I was so antsy I was going nuts waiting for the 20-week ultrasound. It wasn't because I cared, but just because I wanted to know. My husband was pretty eager to find out, too. With the twins, I was surprised to learn Read more

Complete article: wishpot baby blog

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The More the Merrier

More babies were born in the United States last year than ever before, more than 4 million births in 2007.

Also, Western Australia last year, has had an increase of births by almost 20 percent since 2002.


Our Top Ten Reasons to Have a Baby

10. New Baby Smell. Who can resist?
9. Hardship develops perseverance. Changing diapers and not sleeping can only make you stronger.
8. Free time is overrated. The less you have, the more valuable it is.
7. Maternity Leave. Getting paid to not work? Ideal.
6. Little Person Giggle. There is nothing like a good belly laugh.
5. Carry on your name. Building the family tree is a noble cause.
4. Cute. You gotta admit, a baby is cute. They're so little.
3. Family Balance. A boy and a girl. The best of both worlds.
2. Make the world a better place. One person at a time. Parents help form people of character.
1. Family. The more the merrier.