Sunday, December 14, 2008

Diet to Choose Sex of Baby

Thinking of choosing sex of baby? You no longer have to wish you had a boy or pray you had a girl. Of course, above all, everyone wants a healthy baby. Parents are also entitled to a gender preference. Some couples with three boys, are planning their fourth and final child, and are really hoping for a little girl. Other couples have one girl, only plan on having two children, and would love to have a boy too. Gender selection is a personal, private, family decision that couples make every day.The Boy and Girl Diets have been designed for those parents that have a desire to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl.

Diet to Choose Sex of Baby

The Boy and Girl Diet plans at, are geared to help in choosing sex of baby and are centered on helping either the X or the Y chromosome to live and fertilize the egg. The female uterus is acidic in nature and scientific researches have found out that the X chromosome thrives in an acidic environment while an alkaline environment helps the Y chromosome to develop. But this does not mean that both chromosomes can still exist in either environment. Acid can cancel out the growth of the Y chromosome and the same happens in an alkaline environment where the X chromosome has to manage living in.

The Boy and Girl Gender Diets are deemed important, in gender selection, because the change it makes, inside the woman’s uterus, during the fertilization process is dependent on the food she eats. Each of the food she takes in has some substantial amount of nutrients which can either benefit or damage gender plans. The Boy and Girl Gender Diets have been created to help change the uterine environment to encourage fertilization of the appropriate chromosome necessary for either a boy or a girl.

Other Methods for Gender Selection

While diet has been widely accepted as a means of choosing sex of baby, there are also other clinical methods used for gender selection. One of them is IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. This process is facilitated through the use of fertility drugs which provide ovarian stimulation to produce more eggs for increased chances of fertilization. There’s also the process known as IUI or Intrauterine Insemination wherein the doctor directly inserts the sperm onto the egg to facilitate the fertilization process. This way, the sperm can already be pre-identified as containing either the X or Y chromosome. This is often paired with the dye technique wherein the X chromosome-bearing sperms are separated from the Y-bearing ones.

However, the downside with these other methods is that the procedure is not available or legal in all countries, the procedure may have to be repeated several times, process can be time consuming, very expensive and sometimes disappointing. Also, some couples are seeking a more natural approach, in lieu of artificial reproduction. has all the needed information in choosing sex of baby. It also helps prepare and guide you in following the correct plan and procedure to getting the desired gender for your upcoming baby, naturally, through diet.