Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Gender Selection – How to Have a Baby Girl with the Right Diet

While most parents would simply accept the fact that there isn't really anything much they could do to control the outcome of their baby's gender, there are parents out there who would do almost everything just to influence the gender of their new baby.

It may be a common agenda for a larger percentage of fathers to look forward to raising a baby boy and then see him grow up to be just like his dad. However, on the contrary many mothers are so eager to find out that what they have inside them is a cute and tiny baby girl.

Well, here's the good news to every parent who wanted so badly to conceive a baby girl, you could influence your baby's gender and you can do it in some very natural ways.
Out of all the methods being presented elsewhere regarding baby gender selection, controlling baby gender by means of adjusting your diet is one to the most healthy and natural methods to do so.

Studies show that a high-fat diet produces certain hormonal changes in the feminine reproductive system. This strongly suggests that what you eat would greatly influence your baby's gender.

So, if you have that strong desire for a baby girl, your suggested diet would be rich in calcium and magnesium. Specific examples of food rich in calcium and magnesium are dairy products, eggs, ice cream, cereals, rice, pasta, fresh fruits - particularly grapefruit, apples, and carrots. Remember, you must stay away from salty foods, instead keep a low salt or salt free diet.

It is important to understand that for this method to be successful, parents would agree to get well involved in it and follow the program as advised religiously. You need to follow this diet for three months prior to conceiving. However, since changes in ones body are involved with this method, it is advisable to consult an expert at this program.

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